Daiping Wang


Daiping studies the behavioural ecology and genetics of mate choice using captive zebra finch as a model species. After got his master degree at Beijing Normal University which focused on birds’ song in the field, he joined Max Planck Institute for Ornithology for his PhD in 2014. He finished his PhD, titled ‘mate choice and the evolution of female promiscuity in a socially monogamous species’, in 2018. In 2019, Daiping started his postdoc with Bart Kempenaers, Wolfgang Fostmeier and Damien Farine. The main project of his current research is to conduct large-scale mate choice experiments to identify the role of culture transmission and genetic inheritance explaining mate choice in zebra finches. Daiping is based in the Kempenaers department, but works with Damien’s lab to conduct colony-scale tracking of mate choice mechanisms.

Twitter: @DaipingWang