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Kaleidoscope – Patterns in Nature and Society

TEDxKonstanz is an event organized by students and members of the University of Konstanz and the Max-Planck Institute of Animal Behavior. This event will be held in March 2021 with the theme of “Kaleidoscope: Patterns in Nature and Society”. A kaleidoscope evokes the image of shifting patterns. It communicates the idea that patterns can arise from and be influenced by many things,

Konstanz scientist among the world’s most influential – 3 years in a row.

HCR hat trick for Iain Couzin

The annual list identifies scientists and social scientists whose work was most often cited in the last decade, underlining the influence and impact the researchers have had in their fields.

Couzin from the Max Planck institute of Animal Behavior (MPIAB), Department of Collective Behaviour, and also the Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour (CASCB) and Department of Biology at the University of Konstanz 

Vortex phase matching as a strategy for schooling in robots and in fish, Nature Communications

Robots help to answer age-old question of why fish school

by Carla Avolio

Study using biomimetic fish-like robots shows that swimming closely together offers fish hydrodynamic benefits – research project with participation from University of Konstanz researchers provides first experimental validation of an answer to an old question.

A fish school is a striking demonstration of synchronicity. Yet centuries of study have left a basic question unanswered: do fish save energy by swimming in schools?

Funding for new Max Planck building in Konstanz

Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior gets a new building at the University of Konstanz

Baden-Württemberg supports the establishment of the Max Planck Institute for Animal Behavior at the University of Konstanz with 60 million euros. The facility is of enormous importance for the state government’s activities on climate protection and in the field of artificial intelligence.

With 58 million euros, Baden-Württemberg will support the establishment of the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Biology on Lake Constance,