Anna Chagas

Anna is a biologist that did her bachelor in Biological Science at the University Federal of Goias (Brazil) with a focus on the conservation of South American birds. Her main goal was to produce models of spatial prioritization areas that also considered the uncertainties derived from the movement of birds due to climate change. Later on, she continued her studies at the University of Kiel (Germany), where she earned her masters degree in Biological Oceanography.

Daniel Piechowski


Daniel is the Science Coordinator of Iain’s Department and of the Migration and Immuno-Ecology Department led by Martin Wikelski. He is working on establishing the department at the University of Konstanz. Daniel holds an MSc (FU Berlin) and PhD (Ulm University) in Biology. During his PhD and postdoc fieldwork in Brazil he realized that his true strength is rather organizing science for others than performing science himself. With this in mind,