Bin Ma

Bin obtained his degree BSc in Aquaculture from Southwest University (China) in 2015, and his MSc in Environmental Science from Dalian Ocean University (China) in 2019. He studies the ways social contexts affect behaviour and autonomic stress responses in social cichlids. He is also interested in understanding how the brain and behavior can be shaped by the social environment. Bin has funded a 4-year scholarship by the China Scholarship Council.

Side-by-side swimming

Li, L., Ravi, S., Xie, G. & Couzin, I.D. (2020) Using a robotic platform to study the influence of relative tailbeat phase on the energetic costs of side-by-side swimming in fish, submitted.

Alexander Baugh

Alex Baugh is an associate professor of biology at Swarthmore College in Philadelphia where his research group focuses primarily on the neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying social behavior, particularly sexual receptivity in female frogs and songbirds. Alex is spending a sabbatical year working primarily in the Collective Behavior department with Alex Jordan’s group with support from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and MPI-AB. The primary goal is the development of methods for quantifying and manipulating steroid hormones in cichlids with an aim of using these techniques to test hypotheses about endocrine regulation of social behavior across related species.  

Michael Griesser

My research aims at understanding the evolution of family living, as well cooperation among unrelated individuals. I rely on my long-term study system, the Siberian jay, which we study in Swedish Lapland, 80km south of Arctic Circle. In addition, I am interested in questions relating to language like adaptations (call meaning, syntax).